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We are very excited to introduce our new School Lunch Order provider – Classroom Cuisine.
Lunch orders will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The nutritious menu is simple, fresh and fun and will launch on Monday 4th February next week.

Please search the below address in your browser
You will need to register an account in your name and select Mitcham Primary School.
Once you are in your account there is a tab to add a child.
Please add your children and select Mitcham Primary School and their grade.
Placing orders can be done up until 8.30 the morning of the lunch day.
The option to select future dates is available to place orders, If your child is not attending school on the future day you can cancel the order the morning of the absence.

Payment is required at the time of ordering with a credit card.

Please check out the attachment for the detailed information about the sample menu provided.




Lunch Menu