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Mitcham Primary School will have 17 classes in 2017, including 13 mainstream classes and four Montessori classes.  Entry to the Montessori classes is limited to children who have completed a Cycle 1 program at a recognised Montessori pre-school.  Parents interested in the Montessori program need to contact the school as early as possible, because of high demand a waiting lists exist for all years currently until 2022.

The composition of mainstream classes is determined by co-ordinators and teachers in the preceding year, based on factors including gender, EAL students, range of academic achievement, social relationships, student friendships, and, where appropriate, parent requests based on educational grounds.  The school offers parents the opportunity to make requests in October/November prior to the grade composition being settled. Parent requests are not guaranteed to be met.  Parents do not get the opportunity to choose their child's teacher.  Once grades are settled and published, the school retains that class structure for the year, unless an error has been made in placement.

Children in Montessori classes would normally have the same teacher for the three years of their cycle.