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Cyber Safety

At Mitcham Primary School our students experienced an amazingly informative and interactive session with The Cyber Safety Project.

The entertaining atmosphere and opportunity to interact, discuss problems and brainstorm solutions ensured that students were engaged throughout the session.

The energy and storytelling ability of Sam and Trent, the presenters, allowed students to connect with them and feel empowered to be safe and responsible digital citizens when using digital technologies. 

As a staff, we also undertook a professional learning session with Sam and Trent and left equipped with the tools and resources to develop proactive strategies for the safe and engaging use of digital technologies. 

In the evening Trent and Sam presented to a very large group of our parent community with tips and strategies for fostering a positive and safe environment for digitally engaged children in the home. If you were unable to attend on the night, you might like to access The Cyber Safety Project Blog:

'Tip Sheet’ provides some ideas for what parents can be doing at home.

Click on the keep them safe picture for a power point presentation.