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Mitcham derives its name from a place near Croydon in Surrey, England. After a private school for 27 pupils proved inadequate, a State school was established and opened on August 24th 1888. However it was not until July 1890 that children moved from a church hall to the school building - a 50ft x 20ft room. This school was originally located where Mitcham’s Coles Supermarket now stands, near the Whitehorse Road corner.


In time, this one room became inadequate for the three teachers and 90 children in 8 grades. Deputations to the Education Department in 1922 resulted in the purchase of land at the present site. A new brick building was opened on May 16th 1930 for children in the upper grades. The foundation stone was laid on 22 November 1929.


Seven rooms in the light timber construction (LTC) block were added in the late 1950's, but were later destroyed by fire. The Art/Craft room was completed in 1966. The “old” art room was relocated and has been in use again after being refurbished since 2002.


In 1967, the junior classes of the school vacated the original Whitehorse Road site, and moved into 10 new brick rooms in the Tirana Street building west of the old senior school building block. The school library was constructed as a separate building in 1973. This building was converted into our current art room in 2002.


Since the 1970s, the number of students decreased, reflecting the change in the family and age structure in the local community. A fire destroyed 7 classrooms in December 1992 which were not rebuilt.


The school has maintained its successful record in attracting funds for major works with three consecutive redevelopment projects significantly improving the learning conditions for children.  The school has funded a number of additional technology facilities on top of what the government has provided.


Six classrooms from the Tirana Street building were relocated to the Mitcham Road end of the school at the end of Term 3, 1999 and were commissioned at the commencement of 2000.


Mitcham Primary School has benefited from State and Federal Government funding for major works since 2000.  All our classrooms have been redeveloped over the last ten years, and are in good condition.

The office and staff facilities were redeveloped in 2000, and classrooms renovated and rebuilt in 2002 and 2005.  Six of the classrooms have operable walls meaning great flexibility in learning opportunities.  The library was built in 2005 and has two large withdrawal areas for intervention programs.  An Information and Communication Technology centre was constructed in 2002.  The school stripped the old library building and rebuilt it as an Art and Craft facility in 2005. 

The school created a community co-operative and built a Multi-Purpose hall in 2002.  The previous Art room was cut into two pieces, relocated and rejoined in 2002.  In 2008, the school built a brilliant Performing Arts Centre, which has expanded the range of opportunities available for the children spectacularly.  It was equipped with change room facilities large stage area (and back stage area) along with undercroft storage and full toilet facilities.  It seats around 500 children.

All asphalt areas and stormwater drains were renewed in 2004, and two Plexi-Pave tennis courts were constructed enabling tennis lessons to be offered at the school.

The school completed a new eight classroom block with internal flexible learning spaces with self contained toilet facilities utilising the Building the Education Revolution Commonwealth Government  facilities initiative in September 2011. There is also an outdoor learning area with access from three of the classrooms.  The old toilet block was demolished and replaced as part of this project. 

Another building project occurred in 2013, with an expansion of the staff room, relocation of the staff kitchen, conversion of an office into a conference room, construction of a new Principal's office, the building of a staff amenity and the construction of a TV and radio broadcast studio for the children. This building is being fully equipped during 2014.


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