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Mitcham Primary School is an Australian leader in the adoption of technology and the provision of learning opportunities in the ICT area.  The school strives to offer our students the best possible opportunities in Information and Communication Technologies.

UltraMobile PC Program (UMPC)

Our UMPC program commenced in 2005 with the purchase of a number of devices.  In 2008, we purchased 80 Intel Classmate PCs for three of our classes.  The program expanded in 2009 and again in 2010 and every child in Grade 3 to Grade 6 grades and our Cycle 3 Montessori classes has access to one of these devices, which are also referred to in some schools as netbooks.  We have now concentrated on using the ACER Aspire One machines. The Intel Machines are being phased out in 2012 and replaced with ACER Aspire One machines. This program has now moved to a 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) program where students are using  ACER netbooks or Chrome Books.

iPad Program

In 2010 the school purchased an Apple iPad for the use of every child in one of our Prep Grades.  The program proved to be so promising that the School Council approved an extension of the trial across the three Prep grades for 2011.  Parents are able to provide the resources for their child to have full-time access to one of these machines.  Parents who contribute towards the cost of a machine, enable their child to get full access to the machine and are able to take the machine home if desired. School provided machines remain at the school.  Children using these machines get no out of hours access. In 2012 the program was extended to all children in Prep grade, Grade 1 and Grade 2. This program is now a BYOD program and all children in Grades Prep to Grade two have access to an Apple iPad.

Computer laboratories

The school has two computer laboratories to enable students in classes without a one-to-one program to gain access to other digital resources.  The main laboratory in Room one was completely upgraded in Term Two, 2017.  It is also used for our OzInterBiz classes, Media editing and Robotics.  


Every child in the school works on their e-portfolio during the year.  They record the new skills that they have learned in digital format and also include work samples throughout the year. The e-portfolio is burned onto a disk and sent home for parents to review.


Espresso is a massive and growing digital library of high quality, innovative, video-rich, cross-curricular resources, referenced to the UK curriculum, and is extrremely useful in the Australian context.

Espresso is stored on a cache server in our school and enables full-screen videos and other broadband resources to be accessed immediately by students and teachers (multiple users) without the download delays associated with the Internet.

Espresso is available as a service for schools in the UK (Foundation, Key Stages 1 & 2) and we have full access to all features provided by the developer. If you would like to have a look, click on this link

Touch Screens

In August 2011, the School Council approved the purchase of A1 DES Touch Screens for classrooms.  Seven of these are fixed 70" screens and one is a mobile 55" Screen on a movable trolley.  The impact was so exceptional that all classrooms were equipped with an A1 DES 70" Touch Screen in 2012, and four mobile A1 DES 55" Touch Screens will installed in the Kathy Lawson Building.

These Touch Screens are an amazing piece of technology, and highly engaging piece of equipment for the children lucky enough to have one in their classroom.  These Touch Screens can be used to view Espresso videos and activities.  They have access to anything that is on the teacher's note book computer, including internet sites and activities.  The display is extremely bright and clear, and they are mounted at a height that the children can fully utilise.  They engage all learners irrespective of their dominant learning style.


The school commenced our Robotics program in 2000 and has a vast array of Robotics resources available for student learning across all grades.  These include Logiblocks, Lego (EV3 Mindstorms), Robotix, Fischer Robotics, BeeBots, ProBots, Spheros and Dash and Dot.


The children are proivided with the opportunity to learn to produce, record and edit.  In November and December, the children are able to organise themselves into groups, each taking one or more roles and produce a short film  for entry and judging in our Mitcham Oscars competition.


OzInterBiz provides specialist consultancy services to the school. Four classes are given a weekly session for a term with George Sorgi, our consultant ICT specialist.

“Be your creative best”

OzInterBiz has been proudly associated with Mitcham Primary School for over 10 years. In that time we have worked closely with teachers to deliver carefully target ICT and eLearning programs that enable our students to achieve their creative best using multimedia and ICT
Our current programs across the school include:
PC Pirates            Essential knowledge base              (Grade 1 -2 )
Top Katz              Habits of Mind                                 (Grade 3 – 4 )
MookiiWorld      Multi Media suite                            (Grade 4  - 6 )
digiTRONICS       Lego Robitics                                     (Grade 5 – 6)
All the above programs can be enjoyed at OzInterBiz's website: