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LOTE – Indonesian

Our specialist LOTE Bahasa Indonesian program provides a broad introduction to both the language and culture of Indonesia in visual, spoken and written form.

The children learn to communicate in a Language Other Than English and gain intercultural knowledge and language awareness by listening, speaking, reading, writing and watching. This results in the children being able to speak and write with confidence through the means of basic geographical orientation, correct pronunciation and the practice of simple conversational phrases in dialogues and role play.

There is a strong emphasis on song, dance and practical activities to encourage participation, confidence and engagement.

The children become proficient in counting and using Indonesian numbers up to one hundred, expressing the time, learning colour vocabulary, offering greetings, knowing family members and answering questions.

Mitcham Primary School is a strong advocate of Individualised Learning and utilises ICT tools such as Languages Online and other language resources to facilitate this learning process in Indonesian LOTE. Children also use computers to investigate and write reports on Indonesian culture, flora and fauna.