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The school's Montessori program commenced in 2004, and has grown in strength and numbers every year.  In 2017, our thirteenth year of operation, there will be two Cycle 2 classes and two Cycle 3 classes with 90 students.  All teachers (also known as Directors) have completed or are undergoing Montessori teacher training and the school supports teachers' attendance at MWEI and AMI workshops, when available. Teachers who are interested in obtaining a position in the Montessori program at Mitcham Primary School are invited to submit their resume to the Principal, or to ring the school to make an appointment to speak with the Principal.  There may be positions available during the next three years, and there is also the possibility of part-time positions being available.

Eligible parents who subscribe to the Montessori philosophy need to enrol their children early to ensure that a place is available.  There has been strong demand for places and not all children are likely to gain a place in a Montessori class.  Parents also need to be aware that because the program is growing children will not necessarily be with the same teacher for the three years of the learning Cycle but this should change as the program numbers stabilise.  

The Montessori approach and philosophy encourages mutual respect where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and where learning becomes a life-long, positive experience.  Learning is individualised and based on the notion of "following the child". The child's interests and stage of development is the point of departure in individualising the learning journey. Every child is encouraged to think for themselves using various child-centred, enquiry-initiated learning tools.  The prepared environment is carefully planned, inherent in which is freedom within structure, or liberty but not licence.  The children have the benefit of being presented with a full range of Montessori didactic equipment. Each Montessori environment at Mitcham Primary School is fully equipped to meet every child's needs as he/she progresses from the concrete to the abstract.

Interested parents should note that children without previous Montessori experience are not accepted as enrolments into the class from outside the school and entrants are required to have completed a Cycle 1 program at a recognised or accredited Montessori setting. 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Montessori program, after you have secured a position in a recognised, accredited Montessori preschool program, ring the school's office on 03 9873 1551 and make an appointment for an enrolment tour.  Enrolment tours are run every second Friday at 10 am in Term 2 and Term 3.  If you are seeking an interstate or international transfer, we will schedule an appointment at a mutually agreed time.  Parents can also enrol children at either of our two Open Days in Education Week, providing you can produce evidence of an enrolment at an MAF Montessori Preschool.