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Call us on (03) 9873 1551

Montessori Enrolments


For parents wanting to enrol a child in our Montessori program from 2015 to 2017, enrolment tours are run on every second Friday during Term 2 and 3.  You are strongly advised to call the office make an appointment for an enrolment tour. 

Children enrolled in the Montessori program are required to have completed Cycle 1 (three years) at a recognised Montessori preschool in order to gain a place in the program.

There is a priority order for gaining entry, so the earlier parents book a place for the child, the higher the likelihood of a place being offered.  Sibling claims are normally given priority, providing parents have booked the sibling in early. The program is already fully booked from 2013 until 2015, but sometimes parents who have enrolled their child do not take up the offer of a place, so it is worth calling the office if you only recently became aware of the program and your child fulfils the prerequisites for entry. Appointments for enrolment for the Waiting List are available, but places in these years have been booked out for several years.  Parents are advised that places being offered are contingent on a suitably qualified teacher being recruited to meet enrolment demand each year, as the program is still growing strongly. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Montessori program, after you have secured a position in a recognised, accredited Montessori preschool program, ring the school's office on 03 9873 1551 and make an appointment for an enrolment tour. 


Please note that we do not send out enrolment forms.  In order to enrol, you will need to visit the school and complete the paperwork here on one of the below dates.  


The tours will depart from the Adminidastration office at 10.00am.


Term 2 dates


Friday April 21st 2017

Friday May 5th 2017

Friday May 19th 2017

Friday June 2nd 2017

Friday June 23rd 2017


Term 3 dates


Friday July 21st 2017

Friday August 4th 2017

Friday August 18th 2017

Friday September 1st 2017

Friday September 15th 2017