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The Mathematics program at Mitcham Primary School aims to develop the students’ numeracy skills, language and understanding fully, so that the children may solve problems and deal with situations involving Mathematics in day to day life. The program is delivered through daily lessons where the children experience learning Mathematics in hands on and engaging ways. The students’ progress is closely monitored and measured against the Victorian Curriculum. The school has worked with Michael Ymer and Rob Vingerhoets. Teaching staff also regularly engage in Professional Development to keep their skills up to date in this area.

The Mathematics program follows the appropriate critera against the Victorian Curriculum. These strands include Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Algebra. An understanding and application of mathematical ideas are developed through practical and problem solving activities using a wide range of concrete materials, moving from concrete to the abstract.
As the children move through the school, the strong numeracy foundations that have been established are extended and children are given the opportunities to be involved in enrichment activities and various Mathematics competitions. All students from Grade 3-6 participate in the U.N.S.W. Maths Competition which is paid for by the school.
At Mitcham, we have an Early Years’ Numeracy Program which allows teachers to assess the fundamental mathematical understandings of children from Prep through to Grade 3 through a one-to-one interview. The knowledge gained from the interview then provides the teacher with valuable information on the needs and types of learning experiences which are most appropriate for the individual student. We offer a Mathematics Intervention program for children in Grades 1 to 4, who require extra support in the area of Number.