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Out of School Hours Care


Welcome to the Mitcham Primary School OSHC program operated by OSHClub Pty Ltd.

OSHClub’s aim is to provide the highest quality Before School Care, After School Care, Pupil Free Days and Vacation Care Programs for primary aged children, their parents and the local community.
Our programs are designed with working families in mind, ensuring that they can continue in their work environment without concerns about the safety and care of their children.
We pride ourselves on providing children with a fun experience that they will enjoy.
From exciting activities to healthy nutritious snacks, the program aims to meet the needs of your children.

Contact Us
  • Program Coordinator –Jagruti
  • Program Contact Number – 0422 097 497
  • Head Office Contact Number – (0 3) 8564 9000
  • OSHClub Website –

The service is located in the Mitcham Primary School grounds at the Tirana Street Building adjacent to the school tennis courts.

Hours of Operation


  • Before School Care - 7.00pm to 9.00pm
  • After School Care – 3.15pm to 6.30pm
  • Vacation Care -7.30pm to 6.00pm


Note : We also provide “Bridging Care” for Preps during February when they finish early.


Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Tax Rebate (50%)
The Government’s Family Assistance Office (FAO) helps families to cover their Child Care costs by providing discounts and rebates on fees.
Most families ARE eligible for Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Tax Rebate (50%) which is applied AFTER your CCB discount, so we highly recommend that you register.
It is important that all families register with the Family Assistance Office before they attend the program to receive their entitlement for discounts on our fees. For further information and the Application Forms, please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

Enrolling in the Program

To help us provide a quality service that meets the National Standards, all families that wish to use the program must complete the Online Enrolment Form in full prior to the child attending the service.

This is done to ensure that we have the correct child and guardian information, are notified of any medical or development needs, and know your booking choices, payment preference and Child Care Benefit Information.
During the online enrolment process you must provide a valid Mastercard / Visa Card or Direct Debit information for billing purposes.

Bookings are done online and may be Permanent, Casual or Holiday Program.
  • A Permanent Booking means that your child will be attending on regular days each week and you are GUARANTEED a place. Permanent Bookings can be adjusted throughout the year based upon your needs.
  • A Casual Booking can be made at any time if there are places available. These booking need to be made as soon as possible to ensure that appropriate staffing ratios and resources are in place. Contact the Program Coordinator when you need care. 
  • Holiday Program Bookings can be made for the Term holidays throughout the year. You can book for the whole time, or any combination of days, including single days. There are usually a couple of excursions which are very popular, and you will need to get in early. Excursions also incur additional expense to cover transport and/or entry costs depending on the excursion.

Cancellations (New Procedure for 2010 and beyond)
Permanent or casual bookings can be cancelled via SMS to 0421 268 989 or email to Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the session to avoid the full fee being charged. SMS or emails can be sent 24/7. Include your child's name, school, session and date that you wish to cancel.
If your child is away sick on the day of the booking, you need to SMS or email before the start of the session. A medical certificate will also be required. Advising the Coordinator will not be sufficient, and the full fee will be incurred.

Program Fees (Current for 2012)
AFTER CARE Fees range from $5.56 to $21.55* per child per session, depending on families CCB and the 50% Tax Rebate entitlement  
(Add $2 for bookings within 24 hours of program starting). Cancellation credits will apply if 24 hours notice given. Please refer to parent handbook for details.

BEFORE CARE Fees range from $5.64 to $17.70* per child per session,  depending on families CCB and the 50% Tax Rebate entitlement
(Add $2 for bookings within 24 hours of program starting) Cancellation credits will apply if 24 hours notice given. Please refer to parent handbook for details.

VACATION CARE  Fees range from $3.95 to $42.00* depending on families CCB and the 50% Tax Rebate entitlement per session per child
No refunds for cancellations

*Approximates only

Families are reminded to register with the family assistance office to ensure they receive all their entitlements.

Payment of Fees
Your Nominated Account, as specified during the enrolment process, will be automatically charged every 2 weeks for your attendance fees. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account.
A Late Fee of $25.00 will be charged to your credit card or bank account if your credit card or bank account is declined.
Usage Statements will also be issued to you via email after we have charged your account.
For any Account Enquiries please call our Head Office between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday on 9543 3077.

Keeping your Details Up-to-Date
If your family details change, including validity periods of Credit Cards, please ensure we are notified so that we can keep our records and booking details up-to-date.

Signing In and Out
We hold the safety of your children as being paramount, and so we require all children to be signed in and out (by an authorised person listed on the Enrolment Form) as follows:
  • Signed IN for Before School Care
  • Signed OUT for After School Care
  • Signed IN and OUT for Vacation Care
In cases where parents need to have someone other than a listed authorised person collect their child, the parent/guardian MUST provide PRIOR written documentation outlining the name of the person, their relationship to the child, the time of collection and MUST be signed by the parent/guardian. Please note that an Authorised Person must be 16 years or older.
No child will be permitted to leave the program venue alone.

Nutrition and Food Handling
To ensure that the children get off to the best start for the day we provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast before school to make the body and mind perform at its best.
We also provide the children with a healthy and nutritious snack and a refreshing drink on arrival at the program each afternoon.
Weekly Menus are displayed on the board within the service.
All food is prepared, handled and stored to the standards and guidelines of the Food Safety Act.
Please speak with the Program Coordinator if your child has any special dietary requirements and we will endeavour to cater accordingly.

Our Program provides children with a variety of choice. A range of activities are provided each day, both indoors and outdoors. Children have a choice of participating in the various set activities for the week (e.g. cooking, outdoor games, making something) or they may choose to engage in any of the daily activity play spaces.
Daily activities include board games, computer, dress ups, dolls house, Lego, cubby house, painting, sports equipment, building blocks, library corner, art and craft, quiet area, homework area.
The range of activities is listed each week on the board and in the MITCHAT Newsletter.

Parent Handbook
You will receive a Parent Handbook when you attend the Prep Transition Information Night or when you enrol your child in the program. Parents are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the contents of the Handbook as it will answer most of the questions that you may have. The Handbook covers items such as:
  • Enrolling your child
  • The first day and orientation
  • Procedures for collecting children and late pickups
  • Family input into the program
  • Nutrition and food handling
  • Activities
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Procedures if your child has an accident, is ill or requires medication
  • Behaviour Management including processes to deal with bullying
  • Information on applicable Legislation including OH&S
  • Staffing
  • Procedures for resolving issues

OSHClub News
To make sure you know what is coming up in the program, and to give every child the opportunity to join in the fun, we publish our upcoming activities in the MITCHAT Newsletter each week.

OSHC Sub-Committee
Mitcham Primary School Council has an OSHC Sub-committee to coordinate with, and oversee, the operations of the program. The Sub-committee conducts meetings several times during school terms and consists of representatives from School Council, OSHClub Management, teachers and parents. Please feel free to contact the school if you are interested in joining the sub-committee.