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Parent Helper

One of the many features of Mitcham Primary School is the excellent co-operation  between our teachers and parents. We believe that the best learning environment is created when there is a strong partnership between parents, teachers and students.


Parental involvement takes place at all levels of the schools’ operation and enhances the students’ learning, school programs, school administration and the school’s role within the community. All parent helpers at Mitcham Primary School are required to complete the Parent Helpers' Training Course or a refresher session at the beginning of each school year. The Parent Helpers' Course is run in first term by Mrs Kathy Lawson.  Parents who miss the courses run will need to undertake the training the following year.  All parent helpers are required to have the Working With Children Check and this must be presented to the Office staff where a photocopy will be recorded on file.


In addition to School Council and its Sub-Committees, parent participation may be in any of the following:


*Excursions and camps

*Fund raising


*Sporting events

*Perceptual Motor Program


*Working Bees

*Class Parent Helpers

*You Can Do It Program

*Classroom programs – Early Years Program, reading, writing, computer skills, Mathematics, etc.


The partnership between parents and staff is highly valued and extra assistance is always greatly appreciated.