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Personalised Curriculum

Mitcham Primary School introduced Individual Learning Plans for every child in the school in 1999, and is an acknowledged leader in this area in Australian Education.  There is a personalised learning focus on every child and five of our classrooms in 2012 will continue to be totally individualised in their pedagogy, with other classes moving towards this.  The school introduced an Ultra-Mobile PC program in 2005 and in 2011 every child in Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 uses an Ultra-Mobile PC in their classroom.  This augments and develops an individual learning focus and the work is differentiated by teachers according to student achievement and capacity.

In the Junior School, we provide the students with skills and opportunities to develop the ability to self assess, aided by their teacher. This ensures that they are able to note where they are within their age and developmental trajectory and in so doing are able to develop personal goals. Having identified Individualised Learning Goals by conferencing with their teachers and parents, students can work on these at their own pace.  Each student uses their unique learning styles to achieve their goals. In the learning environments at Mitcham Primary School, individualised learning is encouraged in a two-fold way. In the Montessori environments students learn in a wholly individualised manner, where as in the Mainstream classroom environments, topics are selected for the students each term and the content is personalised to suit each student’s learning needs.