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Mitcham Primary School exists to educate primary school-aged children to the best of our capacity.  The school's values are articulated in the school's Vision statement.  The two things that drive the school are student achievement and staff development. 

We expect children to be respectful, helpful, courteous and confident.  We encourage public speaking and the School Captains help to run the school's weekly assembly.  There are many opportunities provided during the year for children to address the cshool at the weekly assemblies.

We encorage children to take responsibility at all levels, and the school takes note of the children's opinions.  There is a Junior School Council which acts as a sounding board for the Student Voice.  The School Captains also offer opinions about what the school's direction is and how it can improve in meeting the needs of all the children.  Each year, every child in the school is offered the opportunity to tell the Administration and the teaching staff, if there was one thing that they could change about the school for the better, what it would be.  The School Captains then read all the suggestions and report back to the whole school about the ideas that have been put forward.  When the ideas are appropriate and can be introduced or implemented at a reasonable cost they are adopted.

New students are made to feel very welcome and have buddies allocated to them to orient them to where things are in the classroom, the location of other parts of the school facilities, and the playgrounds.

Teachers and the Administration at Mitcham Primary School seek to work in a co-operative and productive partnership with parents to give the children the best possible learning opportunities.

The School Council also works closely with the staff and Administration in responding to key priorities and supporting the Administration with initiatives and innovations which the school pursues.