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Premiers' Reading Challenge

To promote the development of literacy skills and a love of reading   Mitcham Primary School   encourages all children to participate in the  annual Premiers Reading Challenge. This challenge is open to all students from Prep to Year 6 .

Currently, our library is stocked with over 4,500 Premiers' reading challenge books!


Children from Prep to Year 2 can read or have read to them 30 books -20 from the challenge list and 10 free choice.


Children in year 3-6 must read 15 books, 10 from the challenge list and 5 free choice.


Children are also able to read books above their year Level


Each year level has books, which range from picture to chapter, with a variety of authors and categories.


Every student who successfully meets the challenge will receive a certificate and if permission is given, will have their name printed in The Age newspaper, which  sponsors  this competition.


For more information about the challenge and lists of books children can read see  Lauren Lamont is the school's co-ordinator.