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The Arts


Introduction to the Arts

In the Arts programs at Mitcham Primary School, students have the opportunity to create, make, explore and respond to Arts works in a variety of ways. Students make links between the Arts and other subject areas. Our Arts programs have specific goals or targets and we approach teaching the arts in different ways, depending on the specific type of art form. Our programs include Art, Music and Performing Arts.


The Art program at Mitcham Primary School introduces students to a broad range of visual art forms. It is designed to develop creative thinking and expression, and to give students basic skills within the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and construction. Exposure to a wide range of artworks gives students the ability to respond appropriately to art in their world and provides a creative influence for their own work. Project themes also facilitate cultural, environmental, historical, social and emotional learning. Students are given the opportunity to participate in contests and community exhibitions and to work with professional artists on special projects. Achievement in Art is celebrated through display of student artwork around the school.



Nature of Program

Students gain skills, techniques and processes in a wide variety music and performing arts disciplines, e.g. playing xylophones, getting into character in drama and remembering dance sequences. Through this program, students are exposed to a wide range of music, drama and dance works that they may not encounter otherwise. Students have many opportunities to create their own music, dance and drama and the opportunity to reflect on it as part of the learning process. Co-operative learning, team-building, and the ‘You Can Do It’ principles provide students with positive social and emotional development. It also helps to develop leadership within our students.

Goals/Outcomes of Program

1.      Appreciation of all the music and performing arts disciplines.

2.      Ability to perform music, drama and dance on at least a basic level, if not further.

3.      Respond appropriately to music, dance and drama in their world.

4.      Exposure to a wide range of music, dance and drama works to influence their own works.

5.      A positive attitude towards achievements.

6.      Learn how to reflect on their own work and refine it as a result.

Technology/Special Events

Students have access to ‘Too Simple’ Music software to compose music on their UMPCs. This year, all of our Prep-Year 2 students will have access to an iPad, which will also prove to be a valuable tool in this program. All children have the opportunity to participate in class performances at assembly. Every second year, Level 4 (Grade 5/6) classes have the opportunity to participate in a musical production. Each year performers are invited to visit our school, e.g. Oz Opera ‘Hansel and Gretel’ in 2011. Mrs Wickham directs a Grade 3-6 choir where they learn vocal skills, how to care for their voice and work as a team, all while having fun. Each year, two Grade 6 students are elected by the teacher to be Performing Arts Officials. These students are given extra responsibilities and opportunities to lead. Every week, a ‘Student of the Week’ award is given to a student who stands out in class. A rewards program specific to Music and Performing Arts is, ‘Role Model Rewards,’ a draw that students can enter if they are standing out in class with positive behaviour and setting a good example.