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Vision Statement

Mitcham Primary School
Strategic Plan 2010 - 2013
Learners, Leaders, Thinkers

 Core Purpose
Mitcham Primary School promotes the development of active thinkers with communication and technology skills for the future. 


Our school strives to:

  • encourage children to become life-long learners who see learning as engaging and critical to their development;
  • foster the natural curiosity of children by encouraging inquiry and independence;
  • develop critical and analytical thinking through problem-solving and decision-making activities;
  • enhance creativity through open ended activities involving the manipulation of materials and ideas;
  • develop student leadership and team skills by encouraging tolerance, respect and co-operation in a multi-cultural context;
  • achieve high standards in all learning areas;
  • prepare students to make a positive contribution as thinking participants in citizenship of Australia;
  • prepare children to be resilient in embracing ongoing change


Mission Statement
We will facilitate student growth and development by:

  • providing innovative and challenging teaching;
  • catering for different learning styles;
  • individualization of learning programs through a broad-based stimulating curriculum;
  • encouraging success in a positive environment;
  • fostering the acquisition, integration and development of higher order skills in all learning areas;
  • developing students in the intellectual, physical, ethical and emotional and social domains;
  • giving every child a sense of self-belief and confidence;
  • providing the best possible access to learning technologies in the school programs. 


We are committed to creating a learning community in partnership with our school community by:

  • creating broad opportunities and learning links between school, home, other educational institutions and the community;
  • celebrating achievements, success and effort;
  • maintaining a high level of teacher effectiveness through ongoing professional development and learning;
  • embracing learning technologies as a learning and teaching tool.
Values and qualities
We will encourage the following values and qualities in all our students:

Getting along